Circle Campus was built in three phases.  Campus construction began in 1963, but when the University opened in 1965 only the Phase One campus core buildings were ready.  The second and third phases of campus construction lasted from 1965 through 1971.

Phase One – 1963 to 1965

  • Netsch-designed buildings: University Hall, Lecture Centers and walkways, Library (currently, Richard J. Daley Library; center section), Science and Engineering Labs (north section), and classroom buildings, including: Jefferson Hall; Civil War cluster: Lincoln Hall, Douglas Hall, Grant Hall; Chicago Cluster: Addams Hall, Burnham Hall, and Taft Hall
  • C.F. Murphy-designed building: Chicago Circle Center (currently, Student Center East)

Phase Two – 1966 to 1968

  • Netsch-designed buildings: Library (north and south additions), Science and Engineering Labs (center addition), Science and Engineering Offices, Art and Architecture (currently, Architecture and Design Studios), Henry Hall, and Stevenson Hall

Phase Three – 1967 to 1971

  • Netsch-designed buildings: Behavioral Science Building and Science and Engineering South (constructed between 1967 and 1969)
  • Harry Weese-designed buildings: Physical Education Building; Theater; Education, Performing Arts, and Social Work (currently, Education, Theatre, Music and Social Work; constructed between 1968 and 1971)
  • Canceled buildings: Architecture and Art (east addition), Library (west wing), Science and Engineering Labs (south addition), and two classroom buildings which were to form a cluster with Stevenson Hall

Phase Four – 1970

All Phase Four buildings were canceled.

  • Netsch-designed building: Science and Engineering South addition
  • Weese-designed buildings: Performing Arts and Classroom/Office Building

For more, see these UIC ARCHIVES collections:

  • 086 Photograph Subject File
  • 001-02-10 Board of Trustees — Agenda Documents — Contracts for Construction and Repairs, 1962 –
  • 070-00-01 Chicago Illini (student newspaper).
  • 003-21-02 Office of the UIC Historian — Research and Administrative Records

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